Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Slacking Again

I completely ruined my daily posting streak. Oh well. Random:

-Not much new to report on, I'm still working (only day shifts now, no nights! WOOHOO!!!!).

-I've been walking the dog twice a day, after missing her walks for an entire week (pure laziness), I've kept it up for quite a while now so I'm proud of myself.

-In related news, I lost ten pounds, which is always good! I'd given up on weighing myself for quite a long time, so I'm not exactly sure when this occured, but it was very much an encouragement to keep up with the exercise :)

-Official announcement, although I'm not sure who (if anyone) reads this...I'm going to see my boyfriend, Jay, in Florida, in October! I'm completely psyched. It's a much-needed vacation, and is sure to be an awesome visit. I know I haven't shared much about him, for multiple reasons, but inquire if you're curious and I'll email about it. I just don't want to post details on here. Again, many reasons.

-Getting a new cell phone! By far the nicest one I've ever had it's the Gravity 2, and I should be getting it this Wednesday or Thursday. I'm super excited.

That's pretty much it, in a nutshell! Please leave a comment if you actually read this, I want to know how many people do :) Thanks!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Short and Sweet

Tonight I'm heading down to Phoenix to hang out with friends...I got off work a little bit ago, and I'm almost done straightening my hair, but I didn't want to ruin my (tiny) streak of posting daily, so here I am. No long stories today, just a pic...

I'm going back in time today, so hang on tight...ME! at approx. two years old :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Awesome Weather, Bad Timing

I'm trying to keep my word with how I'll supposedly be posting regularly, although today all I feel qualifies as "news" is negative. I don't like posting about negative stuff (also, it's about work, which I also try to avoid), but once in a great while I guess it's okay. I'll keep it short and sweet, since I really need to get to bed (I should've been asleep about an hour ago, but the internet eats time up like a...idk, hungry teenager or something, lol).

Today I worked with someone I'm not particularly fond of, but I won't go into detail on that...what happened is that I just learned to drive the work van on Wednesday (it's one of those huge, oversized vans that has a bus-style door with steps, along with a wheelchair lift...I can't emphasize enough how big it is). I worked 12 hours today, 8 of it with this person. To make a long story short, I got roped into driving on two separate round trips transporting ladies, and of course today turned out to be the rainiest day we've had since I've been up here. The brunt of the storm hit during the second trip, when I had two of the ladies, along with my (critical) co-worker, in the van and several things happened: the windows fogged up and the defroster took forever to clear the windshield, leaving me driving blind and scared sh*tless for several minutes; the rain (which turned into hail at one point) was coming down so hard it was very difficult to see anyways, the lightning/thunder was frighteningly close, which doesn't normally scare me but freaked me out since I was already very nervous; and said lightning had apparently struck some power lines, screwing up multiple (busy) traffic lights directly on my route, unavoidable, thus multiplying our trip time by 2 or 3x (in the worst of it, I think we got about 2 miles in half an hour). It was not the fun, stress-free day I would've liked...wouldn't have been so bad if I'd only been working 8 hours, but as that's not the case with my new "12 hours each, every Sat. and Sun." schedule (which I don't normally mind, as I enjoy the extra days off it gives me), it made life difficult, and gave me a migraine halfway through the day. I can only hope tomorrow goes better. end on a good note: it's cool outside!!!! Hopefully it'll stay that way now!! :)

I do have more good news for later, so please don't be discouraged by my negativity today. Sorry if it was too depressing, I just had to get it off my chest. Utter frustration.

And for today's pic, the product of my boredom/insomnia last night (drawing on myself while watching That 70's Show):

Friday, September 4, 2009

Yes, I'm alive

Hi! I know it's been forever since I've blogged, but I have my reasons. Mostly laziness, but I promise there are others (such as trying to finish writing up posts about the road trip, so that when I start posting those, they'll already be done, so I can keep up with posting them until I'm all the way's been slow going, though, considering there's 19 days to write about, and each day takes up an average of one page, minimum). And really, with only like a two-reader following, it didn't seem that important. Although, maybe my following is so small because I don't post on a regular basis?? It's possible. Anyways, I really am going to try to post more regularly, regardless of how soon I finish typing up stuff about the road trip.

So, the latest at the A.T. (Ashley/Travis) Crib is a full-on conspiracy of the electric appliances. If the bread machine stopped working, or the toaster died, or something else miniscule took a turn for the worse, I could handle that. Even buying a new one, $20-30 isn't that bad. However, those things are perfectly fine, they're not the ones that decided to break. Yes, ones, with an "S" on the end. Multiple mutiny. Exactly two weeks ago yesterday, the water heater stopped working, out of the blue. It's not old, our dad just bought it last year, but it quit. I went to take a shower, and waited the usual 45-ish seconds for the water to warm up, but it never did. Five minutes later, I finally gave up and tried the kitchen faucet, just to be sure it wasn't some weird problem only affecting the shower. Not a single faucet in the house would give me anything but freezing cold water, so I gave up and took a cold shower, hoping Trav would know what to do when he got home a couple days later. He got home and had a few ideas, which made me hopeful, but he's tried multiple things and made several trips to the store for new parts (four, maybe five??)'s still broken. Rather than spend upwards of $100-200 on a repairman, we're waiting for our dad to get home (in "a few" weeks, who knows how long that is) and we hope he'll be able to figure it out without a repairman. Anyway, while this was going on, other appliances got ideas from it, too. The water heater's in the laundry room, so we think they were conspiring together, as about a week ago, the dryer joined the revolution. We're waiting for our dad on that one as well. Luckily, the washer still functions, so now whenever we do laundry, the house looks like a giant clothesline, with garments/sheets/etc. draped over every piece of (clean) furniture possible. This also adds to the humidity in the air (already high, due to rainy weather), making the swamp cooler practically useless, so we're having fun living in a hot, humid house. There's also a refrigerator in the laundry room, which isn't our primary one but we definitely use it plenty, so hopefully it doesn't start rebelling, too.

Cold showers and air-drying feels like the pioneer days or something. At least we still have TV and the microwave! Although I probably shouldn't say that, or I'll start jinxing things, haha.

I'll keep updating on our dire situation, and more new stuff with us, so keep checking back!

Today's pix=my new (purple) hair! Check it out...



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Road Trip Itinerary

This is a rough itinerary, that I just put together, based on my entries in the journal I brought (Travis and I each had one, and wrote in it daily). If not for that journal, I'd have forgotten half the things we did by now. It's a bit complicated, as I tried to peg all the major stops, but not minor ones (there's a fine line on some of them), and for each one I separated it with a comma if it was just moving around in the same general area, and a dash if we were going to a different area. Hope it's not too confusing. I'll be starting my posts about the trip soon, but as you can see, there's a lot to write about, so bear with me as far as time goes. We got back this past Sunday, but just finished organizing and loading pictures last night. So, now that I have those ready, I'm going to begin to tackle the million blog posts it's going to take to explain everything we did and everywhere we went. Enjoy!
-Day 1, 05/12- Packed, Dewey-Mom & Step Dad’s in Black Canyon City, AZ
-Day 2, 05/13- B.C.C., AZ-Matt’s in Phoenix, AZ-Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins’ in Big Bear Lake, CA
(Following are all in CA, from 05/14-05/25)
-Day 3, 05/14- B.B. Lake-New Brighton Beach Campground, N of Monterey Bay
-Day 4, 05/15- N.B.B. Campground-Near/in Monterey Bay: China Beach, Rosine’s (restaurant), Monterey Bay Aquarium-Sunset Beach Campground
-Day 5, 05/16- S.B. Campground-Near/in Monterey Bay: 17 Mile Drive-Motel in Salinas-Gino’s Pizza-back to motel
-Day 6, 05/17- Motel in Salinas-San Jose Beach-Big Sur-Pfeiffer Beach-Mcway Fall(s?)-New Brighton Beach Campground
-Day 7, 05/18- N.B.B. Campground-Near/in Santa Cruz: Fisherman’s Wharf, Boardwalk, Natural Bridges Beach-N.B.B. Campground
-Day 8, 05/19- N.B.B. Campground-nearby laundromat-Dry Gulch Campground, outside Yosemite National Park
-Day 9, 05/20- D.G. Campground-Near/in Yosemite Nat’l Park: Bridalveil Fall(s?), Gift Shop, Mist Trail (Vernal Falls), Public Showers, Bear eating on the side of the road-D.G. Campground
-Day 10, 05/21- D.G. Campground-Near/in Yosemite Nat’l Park: Museum, Ansel Adams Gallery, Lower Yosemite Falls, Mirror Lake, Bridalveil Falls, Swinging Bridge, Sentinel Bridge, Village Store-D.G. Campground
-Day 11, 05/22- D.G. Campground-Near/in Yosemite Nat’l Park: Tunnel View, Glacier Point, Mariposa Sequoia Grove-Step dad’s friends Paula and Jerry, in Fresno
-Day 12, 05/23- Lazy at Paula and Jerry’s
-Day 13, 05/24- Lazy at Paula and Jerry’s
-Day 14, 05/25- Fresno-Motel in Las Vegas, NV-motel restaurant, Treasure Island Pirate Show, Mirage Volcano, Venetian-Back to motel
-Day 15, 05/26- L.V. Motel-Ceasar’s Palace Forum Shops, Cheesecake Factory, Bellagio Botanical Garden, MGM lion(s), M&M’s World, P.F. Chang’s, Paris Shops, Eiffel Tower, Stuck in parking garage for half an hour due to Obama being there-Back to motel
-Day 16, 05/27- L.V. Motel-Whiptail CafĂ© in Springdale, UT-Quick drive through Zion National Park-Step dad’s friends Wayne and Stacy in Kanab, UT
-Day 17, 05/28- Kanab-Zion (shuttle): Emerald Pools, Weeping Rock, Court of Patriarchs, Big Bend, and last shuttle stop (I don’t remember the name), back to the car-Kanab
-Day 18, 05/29- Kanab-Bryce Canyon: stopped at a bunch of “points” looking out over canyon-Best Friends Animal Sanctuary-Kanab
-Day 19, 05/30- Kanab, UT-Aunt and Uncle’s in Flagstaff, AZ-Grandmother’s cabin outside Flagstaff, AZ
-Day 20, 05/31- Flagstaff, AZ-Dewey, AZ…HOME!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Even the Best-Laid Plans...

So remember how back in March (on the 18th, to be exact), I went into detail about our road trip? The one that Travis (my brother), Matt (his best friend), and I were going on?? Well, I think God's enjoying messing with us. I can see it now..."You silly humans think that just because you say something's going to happen like 'this, this, and this,' it'll just magically turn out that way? Ha, let me show you how little control you actually have over even the tiniest of details! Hey, St. Peter, come watch what I'm about to do!" Yea. I doubt that's quite how it's going down, but you get the picture. Here's how it's gone:
-Me, Travis, and Matt? It's now just Travis and I. Matt can't get out of work.
-Driving through Yosemite (versus around it)? Now, due to snow causing road closures on the only paved road that goes the route we need it to, we're actually going through Fresno (AFTER camping out at Yosemite for several days-so we're not actually missing the entire Yosemite experience, just the "driving through it" part).
-Taking Trav's car? Something about driving a vehicle through 4 states (that's if you count AZ) while it's got a cracked radiator and a severe oil leak just doesn't seem like a good idea. New plan: We're taking my car instead (thank goodness we had it for back-up, or we'd be SOL).
That's it (so far). Just found out about the car thing today, and seriously feel like taking bets on what'll go wrong next. Not that anything's gone seriously wrong (i.e. Travis breaking his leg-not like that would ever happen, and being the loving sister I am, I definitely wouldn't laugh about it if it did [haha, Travis...haha]), but it should be interesting to see how things end up panning out.
The good side:
-Matt not coming means we have more room in the car for luxuries (including a camp stove for cooking) that we definitely couldn't have fit in there had all three of us been going.
-The detour around Yosemite means that we'll get to stay at our stepdad's friends' house in Fresno (queue fanfare in celebration of hot showers and warm beds).
-And my car instead of Trav's...well, I haven't found the silver lining in that one, other than how happy I am that we (he) discovered this now, rather than mid-trip (the repairs are about $650 total, minimum). It saddens me, as the Zune can connect to a cassette tape to play music on the car stereo (would've worked in Trav's car), however my car only plays CD's, it doesn't have a tape deck. So that's out the window. I suggested to Trav that we could each take one headphone and keep the Zune on the console between the driver and passenger seats...but we'll probably end up just bringing a bunch of CD's (not terribly bad, but that means less space for packing other stuff, since CD's do take a lot more room than the Zune).
Anyways, there's the update on our road trip plans. I probably won't be able to blog for most of the trip (except the first night-when I won't have much to tell about yet). But believe me, when we get back (May 31st), I'll probably have at least 5 posts dedicated to it (I'm thinking one post per site we visit). So, again, brace yourselves! I'm gonna go picture crazy. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I got a Zune a few weeks ago, and I love it! It makes me feel a little old that I don’t really know anything about MP3 players, but that’s only because I’ve never had one. I would’ve bought a cheap one long ago, if I’d had a computer to use for loading songs onto it. So I have (access to) a computer now, and I’d wanted to buy an MP3 player sometime anyway, but decided now was the time since we’re preparing for the road trip. Two weeks, two/three people (as Matt may or may not be coming), and many miles means we’ll definitely need some musical entertainment. And, since I broke Trav’s MP3 player a couple of years ago (and he hasn’t bought another one), I went on a quest for one. It was pretty easy, though, Travis said “Get a Zune,” so I did! It was more expensive than I expected, but I’m very happy with it, so I think it was worth the price. It also has several games on it (including sudoku), which is awesome. I loaded a bunch of music (emo and country, mostly), and Trav put a bunch on as well (techno, of course). We have a pretty good mixture, and tried to keep it even between stuff that I like (but Trav doesn't), stuff Trav likes (but I don't), and stuff that we both like (neutral).
Anyway, I'm so very, very excited! There's less than a week to go (we leave the 13th, and will be returning the 31st). When we get back, you'll have to brace yourselves for large doses of scenery pictures. Travis even bought an extra memory card for his digital camera, as I expect to fill up the card he already has pretty quickly. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it to a maximum of 100 pictures per day, as that will work out almost perfectly with the amount of memory his two cards have. I'm very much looking forward to it! :)
A pic to get you ready for the onslaught of photos I'll be posting:

Yosemite Falls, at Yosemite National Park

Monday, May 4, 2009


(seen at the grocery store)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Things I love about living up north, versus in Phx:

-Looking forward to any time spent outside rather than dreading it.
-Taking walks whenever I want.
-The way my whole body will be warm, but my face (esp. cheeks and nose) is cold…I LOVE that!
-Never hearing “high pollution advisory” on the news.
-How everything moves slower.
-The abundance of plants that aren’t dead.
-Being able to wear beanies!
-The sound of the wind in the trees (my whole life, I think my favorite place in the world has always been my grandparents’ cabin outside of Flagstaff, in the middle of the forest where all you can hear are the animals and the wind in the trees).
-How it can be raining/storming and cold, but there’s tumbleweeds rolling along the ground.
-How you can totally see a million stars in the sky at night!
-The people are nicer (drawback: this is because they're older...which also means they drive well under the speed limit on a regular basis).

That's it for now, but when I think of more, I'll let you know!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Digging My Own Grave

I’m sitting here blaring music that’s not exactly kosher (is that the right word?), having a sort of emotional breakthrough. I guess that’s what you’d call it. A certain ex of mine (I’m going to try to avoid names as much as possible here…I’m not sure if it’ll matter or not that I did), he always told me I shouldn’t take shit from people the way I do (pardon my French, but that’s the best way I know of putting it). He thought I shouldn’t guard my feelings the way I do, that I should be completely open and honest in my reaction to anything and everything. I don’t completely see myself as a pushover, but when I do look at myself that way, I normally overcompensate by being overly aggressive. Stupid. I don’t understand most of the emotions I have, so I deal as well as I can. I let certain people get under my skin a whole lot more than I do others, simply because I’m afraid to sever what little bond there is between us. Lately, though, I’m really very emotionally exhausted from those attempts, and scared that it’s not even worth it. Why waste so much energy protecting something that doesn’t actually benefit me at all, as far as I can tell? I think I have it ingrained in me that things are supposed to be a certain way, and I’ll pretty much go through Hell to keep them that way. I have no idea why.
Everyone’s fakeness is the biggest thing that’s getting to me. It’s like a charade. Just when I feel that I know which part I’m supposed to be playing, it all backfires somehow. I don’t even know how to describe it. If it weren’t for me getting stepped on in this process, I honestly would turn a blind eye to the entire thing. Is that wrong of me? It’s like being guilty by association. And I feel that way, regardless. I’m guilty. Always. No matter what. But back to the ordeal…it’s like…it’s one great big show. All of the actors know they’re acting, and they know that everyone else is acting, but it’s an extremely unheard-of faux pas to say anything about it! I can’t deal with it anymore, though, I don’t want to act. I want to feel things for myself, not because I’m supposed to feel them, but because I actually DO feel them. I want to be able to openly express them. And, possibly above all else, I want everyone else to express their feelings to me. Feelings about something other than how wrong they think I am for coming clean about the charade, for living my life, and for not being exactly what/who they think I should be. I don’t know how else to say it. Even as I write this, I’m walking on eggshells, because I’m not being politically correct, I’m not choosing my words for the sole purpose of avoiding offending anyone. And it really bothers me that just by doing that, I feel enormous guilt. I shouldn’t feel that, this isn’t how things should be! It makes me crazy to know that, to feel it with every ounce of my being, and yet to know that no one is going to support me. It’s as if I’m in the middle of a room full of people, screaming, and no one will even acknowledge me, until I sink to their level and play their game. Only then, will I get anywhere. I know the game is so very wrong, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m helpless.
In closing, all I really want to accomplish with this is equality. I want to be seen on the same level as everyone else. I don’t judge anyone if there’s any way possible for me to help from doing so. Therefore, I don’t feel that I should be judged. I can’t live with hearing my mistakes reverberated back to me tenfold. I feel like I’m a strong person, at least I think I am, but I just can’t handle the pressure anymore. Either treat me one way or the other. Don’t let it rest on whether or not my recent (or not-so-recent) behavior has been up to standards. It shouldn’t matter. All that I’ve been doing in the last few months has been because it’s what I want, and I’ve been falling back into the trap of trying to do everything to please everyone else, but I’m catching myself. I’m not going any further. I’m going to listen to the music I like, make the career and romance choices I feel are best, go where I want, say what I want, and do what I want. As childish as that may sound, I’m resorting to it because I feel I have no other choice. I don’t want to lose myself in the drama. I feel that’s the most mature decision I can make, because this amount of drama shouldn’t be found anywhere but in high schools and soap operas. I know that’s lame, but that’s all I can think of to say about it.
Oh, and of course: I’m sorry. In advance.

PS-Thanks Jenn, for the inspiration from your blog that finally pushed me into doing this, what I should've done long ago. You're such an awesome friend.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Very First

Today's going to be short and sweet. Partially because I'm multi-tasking, and partially because there's not a ton to say about the subject.

On Friday, March 27, Travis and I went with his church group to the Rock and Worship Roadshow Tour at U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix. It was the first concert either of us had ever been to, and it wasn't too bad for our first. We drove separately (so we could leave early and go for a hike), so we planned to meet them there, and ended up running into some of his friends shortly after getting inside, which was a miracle considering how many people were there (I think they said it topped twelve thousand people). We went and picked out our seats, then decided since we were hungry (and had time to kill-the concert wasn't set to start for quite a while), we'd go to the concessions area for something to eat. We waited in (a very short) line for 45 minutes...finally got to the front and paid like $20 for very little food and one small bottle of water. It's what I expected, just frustrating to have to wait so long (we were on the main level). Then we sat in the concert for about an hour and a half. By that time, I had a migraine and Travis was also ready to go (MercyMe, the only artist I knew, hadn't even come on yet). So, we left and stayed in Black Canyon for the night (so we wouldn't have to drive all the way home, since it was so late). Everything that happened was to be expected, but for our next concert we now know two things: we're going to eat right before we go; and we're bringing earplugs.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pure Pictures.

Today I just have a bunch of pictures that I've finally gotten around to organizing, from the White Cane Parade in Black Canyon City on April 4th, 2009. Enjoy!

Several people I know in Phoenix have told me that they don't understand how someone can just ride a quad down the street (they've NEVER seen it happen). So I guess that's one of those "You might be a redneck..." sort of things, hehe.

This float for the archery club was completely awesome!

Only in a small town...


There were probably around 40 corvettes. They just kept coming, and coming...of course, Black Canyon doesn't have that many corvettes. It was the "Vette Sette" Club, from Prescott. Lol.

This was 4-6th graders, and they were extremely good.

That's my grandma, on the far left.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


As some of you may know, yesterday was my first day volunteering at a Montessori preschool in Prescott. I'll be volunteering there four more days (spread out through the rest of April), then working (paid!) for the first half of May (1st-12th), after which we'll be heading out on our road trip (they were actually only looking for me to work two weeks total in May, to get a feel for it before the summer program, but they weren't picky about which two weeks-so the road trip fit in well with that). We get back from the road trip May 31st, and their 2-month summer program starts June 1st! The timing couldn't have worked out more perfectly. It'll be interesting jumping right into the summer program only a day after we're scheduled to get back from the road trip (no time to recuperate), but I'm really looking forward to it.
The Montessori Method is something I learned about when the parents of the girls I babysat in Phoenix were looking into which school they wanted to put the girls in for kindergarten. Villa Montessori was one that they looked into, and although they chose a different one, I found it interesting to know about the different methods and ways of teaching that are out there.
In looking for a child care job here, I discovered two different Montessori schools, and the one I'm now volunteering at is the only one (out of many) that invited me to observe their routine for about an hour, and discussed with me the possibilities of my employment there (rather than just saying, "fill out an application and we'll call you if an opening comes up, which might happen in the summer but we don't know for sure"). They had the same situation as the other schools, possible openings in the summer but none until then, but they were a lot more pro-active about it. So, because of that and being able to observe (and the fact that I really like the Montessori Method), they were by far my favorite of all the places I looked at.
Yesterday went well, they were really helpful on transitioning me into things. I was able to be involved in their activities, without any actual responsibilities to worry about, so that I could mostly learn by doing and by observation of the way they do things. I know about half the kids' names now (no small feat, with a group of 20-25 children), and they seem to like me for the most part. I had a lot of fun, and I'm really glad to have the opportunity to be paid for doing something I love (I haven't really experienced that a whole lot, so far). They made me feel like an asset, too, in that they're teaching the kids Spanish and Sign Language, both of which I know semi-well (I'm extremely limited, but I know enough to carry on a simple conversation, which is all they really need for the kids). In all, it went great, and I'm really excited about the possibilities.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, all! Now, I know I'm 21...and Travis is we're not technically "little kids," but I really wanted to dye eggs. So we did. :)

Travis and I went to our parents' (mom and stepdad) yesterday and dyed eggs, then stayed the night last night and went to Easter services with them this morning (and had a very elegant Easter lunch-sandwiches, chips, and dip). I got Travis to buy an egg dying kit (which I later realized was unnecessary, when I discovered recipes online for mixing your own dye with water, vinegar, and food coloring-essentially the same thing the kit came with), and white eggs (I normally buy the brown ones-cage free, all that jazz) last week, and I boiled the eggs. So, when we got to BCC, we were all ready to go for dying!

And obviously, you know what happened I'll spare you the dyed-finger details, and just reward you for reading this far by showing you PICTURES!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Take a Hike, Part 2

Here's the second half of my hike with Travis at Badger Springs last Friday.

Our best attempt at one of those "trick picture" shots.


Close, but not quite. Travis said he feels like he's not good at ordering people around (for posing the shot), therefore he wasn't able to get me to line my hands up just right.

Mosquito larvae. I thought they were tadpoles, but Trav corrected me, lol.

Lunch time!

Travis did a good job with this picture, showing the huge scale of the rock we were having our picnic under.

Looking up the canyon...

...and back down.

How funny that we both did identical poses. I didn't realize that at the time.

It's cool how "block-y" these rocks are, in rectangle and square shapes instead of round like they usually are.

This frog (toad?) was extremely white. And photogenic!

This butterfly was really pretty.


I was telling him to hurry up and take the picture, as my feet were freezing.

I made it! And judging by my posture, I think I was shivering.

I love how the water does this sometimes, it's all dry sand but there's a moist little squiggly going through it.

I panned the canyon, then put all the pictures together after we got home. I love how it turned out!