Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Very First

Today's going to be short and sweet. Partially because I'm multi-tasking, and partially because there's not a ton to say about the subject.

On Friday, March 27, Travis and I went with his church group to the Rock and Worship Roadshow Tour at U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix. It was the first concert either of us had ever been to, and it wasn't too bad for our first. We drove separately (so we could leave early and go for a hike), so we planned to meet them there, and ended up running into some of his friends shortly after getting inside, which was a miracle considering how many people were there (I think they said it topped twelve thousand people). We went and picked out our seats, then decided since we were hungry (and had time to kill-the concert wasn't set to start for quite a while), we'd go to the concessions area for something to eat. We waited in (a very short) line for 45 minutes...finally got to the front and paid like $20 for very little food and one small bottle of water. It's what I expected, just frustrating to have to wait so long (we were on the main level). Then we sat in the concert for about an hour and a half. By that time, I had a migraine and Travis was also ready to go (MercyMe, the only artist I knew, hadn't even come on yet). So, we left and stayed in Black Canyon for the night (so we wouldn't have to drive all the way home, since it was so late). Everything that happened was to be expected, but for our next concert we now know two things: we're going to eat right before we go; and we're bringing earplugs.

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