Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Take a Hike, Part 1

On Friday, Travis and I went to a concert in Phoenix with his church group (which will be its own post), and on the way down there we went to Badger Springs to go for a hike (we drove separately from everyone else). It was pretty awesome, and of course, I brought the camera, so here are some pix for your viewing enjoyment...

Our "butterfly porn," lol. We caught them in the act.

Petroglyphs...it's so completely awesome that these are still around. And that we can just go for a hike and see them (versus having to go to a museum).

We thought this one looked like Saturn.

Wading through the ice-cold creek.

He made it!

Wiping the gooey mud off my feet. It's that kind of mud that sticks to your skin really well. It was difficult, because the water was too cold for me to slosh my foot around in it long enough to rinse the mud off, so I resorted to wiping it on the rock.

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