Sunday, March 1, 2009


So, I know I've been kind of slow with posting...I really want to post, I just lack the motivation for some reason (that must be a side effect of unemployment). I really have no excuse, either...I have all day, every day, to do pretty much anything and everything I want to. And I have a computer with internet right here in the house. Yea. I'm a lazy butt.

Anyways, I might have a job! I'm going in tomorrow to interview for it, but my potential boss pretty much told me today (less than 5 minutes after I'd met him) that I should be ready to work when I go in there tomorrow for the interview. Meaning, he's already offering me the job, in so many words. I'm really grateful for how it all worked out, too: Travis (my brother) works at Subway. His boss (the owner of his franchise location) has a whole group of friends who all own their own businesses. So, basically, Travis just told his boss I was looking for a job, and that was it! Easy-peasy. I'm lucky to have a brother who has connections. So anyway, this morning Trav's boss told us that his friend who owns a hotel just lost a receptionist, which left him SOL. He's desperate to get someone hired ASAP (do you like all of these abbreviations I'm using?), and Trav's boss referred him to me...or me to him. Whatever. So I met with him today, he wants to do an interview tomorrow (since his wife will be there tomorrow, and she takes notes for him during interviews), and then he basically explained everything as far as duties, pay, and such, as if I was already hired. Yay!

Soooo...I'll keep you posted!

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