Saturday, April 4, 2009

Take a Hike, Part 2

Here's the second half of my hike with Travis at Badger Springs last Friday.

Our best attempt at one of those "trick picture" shots.


Close, but not quite. Travis said he feels like he's not good at ordering people around (for posing the shot), therefore he wasn't able to get me to line my hands up just right.

Mosquito larvae. I thought they were tadpoles, but Trav corrected me, lol.

Lunch time!

Travis did a good job with this picture, showing the huge scale of the rock we were having our picnic under.

Looking up the canyon...

...and back down.

How funny that we both did identical poses. I didn't realize that at the time.

It's cool how "block-y" these rocks are, in rectangle and square shapes instead of round like they usually are.

This frog (toad?) was extremely white. And photogenic!

This butterfly was really pretty.


I was telling him to hurry up and take the picture, as my feet were freezing.

I made it! And judging by my posture, I think I was shivering.

I love how the water does this sometimes, it's all dry sand but there's a moist little squiggly going through it.

I panned the canyon, then put all the pictures together after we got home. I love how it turned out!

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