Saturday, September 5, 2009

Awesome Weather, Bad Timing

I'm trying to keep my word with how I'll supposedly be posting regularly, although today all I feel qualifies as "news" is negative. I don't like posting about negative stuff (also, it's about work, which I also try to avoid), but once in a great while I guess it's okay. I'll keep it short and sweet, since I really need to get to bed (I should've been asleep about an hour ago, but the internet eats time up like a...idk, hungry teenager or something, lol).

Today I worked with someone I'm not particularly fond of, but I won't go into detail on that...what happened is that I just learned to drive the work van on Wednesday (it's one of those huge, oversized vans that has a bus-style door with steps, along with a wheelchair lift...I can't emphasize enough how big it is). I worked 12 hours today, 8 of it with this person. To make a long story short, I got roped into driving on two separate round trips transporting ladies, and of course today turned out to be the rainiest day we've had since I've been up here. The brunt of the storm hit during the second trip, when I had two of the ladies, along with my (critical) co-worker, in the van and several things happened: the windows fogged up and the defroster took forever to clear the windshield, leaving me driving blind and scared sh*tless for several minutes; the rain (which turned into hail at one point) was coming down so hard it was very difficult to see anyways, the lightning/thunder was frighteningly close, which doesn't normally scare me but freaked me out since I was already very nervous; and said lightning had apparently struck some power lines, screwing up multiple (busy) traffic lights directly on my route, unavoidable, thus multiplying our trip time by 2 or 3x (in the worst of it, I think we got about 2 miles in half an hour). It was not the fun, stress-free day I would've liked...wouldn't have been so bad if I'd only been working 8 hours, but as that's not the case with my new "12 hours each, every Sat. and Sun." schedule (which I don't normally mind, as I enjoy the extra days off it gives me), it made life difficult, and gave me a migraine halfway through the day. I can only hope tomorrow goes better. end on a good note: it's cool outside!!!! Hopefully it'll stay that way now!! :)

I do have more good news for later, so please don't be discouraged by my negativity today. Sorry if it was too depressing, I just had to get it off my chest. Utter frustration.

And for today's pic, the product of my boredom/insomnia last night (drawing on myself while watching That 70's Show):

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