Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Road Trip Itinerary

This is a rough itinerary, that I just put together, based on my entries in the journal I brought (Travis and I each had one, and wrote in it daily). If not for that journal, I'd have forgotten half the things we did by now. It's a bit complicated, as I tried to peg all the major stops, but not minor ones (there's a fine line on some of them), and for each one I separated it with a comma if it was just moving around in the same general area, and a dash if we were going to a different area. Hope it's not too confusing. I'll be starting my posts about the trip soon, but as you can see, there's a lot to write about, so bear with me as far as time goes. We got back this past Sunday, but just finished organizing and loading pictures last night. So, now that I have those ready, I'm going to begin to tackle the million blog posts it's going to take to explain everything we did and everywhere we went. Enjoy!
-Day 1, 05/12- Packed, Dewey-Mom & Step Dad’s in Black Canyon City, AZ
-Day 2, 05/13- B.C.C., AZ-Matt’s in Phoenix, AZ-Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins’ in Big Bear Lake, CA
(Following are all in CA, from 05/14-05/25)
-Day 3, 05/14- B.B. Lake-New Brighton Beach Campground, N of Monterey Bay
-Day 4, 05/15- N.B.B. Campground-Near/in Monterey Bay: China Beach, Rosine’s (restaurant), Monterey Bay Aquarium-Sunset Beach Campground
-Day 5, 05/16- S.B. Campground-Near/in Monterey Bay: 17 Mile Drive-Motel in Salinas-Gino’s Pizza-back to motel
-Day 6, 05/17- Motel in Salinas-San Jose Beach-Big Sur-Pfeiffer Beach-Mcway Fall(s?)-New Brighton Beach Campground
-Day 7, 05/18- N.B.B. Campground-Near/in Santa Cruz: Fisherman’s Wharf, Boardwalk, Natural Bridges Beach-N.B.B. Campground
-Day 8, 05/19- N.B.B. Campground-nearby laundromat-Dry Gulch Campground, outside Yosemite National Park
-Day 9, 05/20- D.G. Campground-Near/in Yosemite Nat’l Park: Bridalveil Fall(s?), Gift Shop, Mist Trail (Vernal Falls), Public Showers, Bear eating on the side of the road-D.G. Campground
-Day 10, 05/21- D.G. Campground-Near/in Yosemite Nat’l Park: Museum, Ansel Adams Gallery, Lower Yosemite Falls, Mirror Lake, Bridalveil Falls, Swinging Bridge, Sentinel Bridge, Village Store-D.G. Campground
-Day 11, 05/22- D.G. Campground-Near/in Yosemite Nat’l Park: Tunnel View, Glacier Point, Mariposa Sequoia Grove-Step dad’s friends Paula and Jerry, in Fresno
-Day 12, 05/23- Lazy at Paula and Jerry’s
-Day 13, 05/24- Lazy at Paula and Jerry’s
-Day 14, 05/25- Fresno-Motel in Las Vegas, NV-motel restaurant, Treasure Island Pirate Show, Mirage Volcano, Venetian-Back to motel
-Day 15, 05/26- L.V. Motel-Ceasar’s Palace Forum Shops, Cheesecake Factory, Bellagio Botanical Garden, MGM lion(s), M&M’s World, P.F. Chang’s, Paris Shops, Eiffel Tower, Stuck in parking garage for half an hour due to Obama being there-Back to motel
-Day 16, 05/27- L.V. Motel-Whiptail CafĂ© in Springdale, UT-Quick drive through Zion National Park-Step dad’s friends Wayne and Stacy in Kanab, UT
-Day 17, 05/28- Kanab-Zion (shuttle): Emerald Pools, Weeping Rock, Court of Patriarchs, Big Bend, and last shuttle stop (I don’t remember the name), back to the car-Kanab
-Day 18, 05/29- Kanab-Bryce Canyon: stopped at a bunch of “points” looking out over canyon-Best Friends Animal Sanctuary-Kanab
-Day 19, 05/30- Kanab, UT-Aunt and Uncle’s in Flagstaff, AZ-Grandmother’s cabin outside Flagstaff, AZ
-Day 20, 05/31- Flagstaff, AZ-Dewey, AZ…HOME!

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