Friday, May 8, 2009

Even the Best-Laid Plans...

So remember how back in March (on the 18th, to be exact), I went into detail about our road trip? The one that Travis (my brother), Matt (his best friend), and I were going on?? Well, I think God's enjoying messing with us. I can see it now..."You silly humans think that just because you say something's going to happen like 'this, this, and this,' it'll just magically turn out that way? Ha, let me show you how little control you actually have over even the tiniest of details! Hey, St. Peter, come watch what I'm about to do!" Yea. I doubt that's quite how it's going down, but you get the picture. Here's how it's gone:
-Me, Travis, and Matt? It's now just Travis and I. Matt can't get out of work.
-Driving through Yosemite (versus around it)? Now, due to snow causing road closures on the only paved road that goes the route we need it to, we're actually going through Fresno (AFTER camping out at Yosemite for several days-so we're not actually missing the entire Yosemite experience, just the "driving through it" part).
-Taking Trav's car? Something about driving a vehicle through 4 states (that's if you count AZ) while it's got a cracked radiator and a severe oil leak just doesn't seem like a good idea. New plan: We're taking my car instead (thank goodness we had it for back-up, or we'd be SOL).
That's it (so far). Just found out about the car thing today, and seriously feel like taking bets on what'll go wrong next. Not that anything's gone seriously wrong (i.e. Travis breaking his leg-not like that would ever happen, and being the loving sister I am, I definitely wouldn't laugh about it if it did [haha, Travis...haha]), but it should be interesting to see how things end up panning out.
The good side:
-Matt not coming means we have more room in the car for luxuries (including a camp stove for cooking) that we definitely couldn't have fit in there had all three of us been going.
-The detour around Yosemite means that we'll get to stay at our stepdad's friends' house in Fresno (queue fanfare in celebration of hot showers and warm beds).
-And my car instead of Trav's...well, I haven't found the silver lining in that one, other than how happy I am that we (he) discovered this now, rather than mid-trip (the repairs are about $650 total, minimum). It saddens me, as the Zune can connect to a cassette tape to play music on the car stereo (would've worked in Trav's car), however my car only plays CD's, it doesn't have a tape deck. So that's out the window. I suggested to Trav that we could each take one headphone and keep the Zune on the console between the driver and passenger seats...but we'll probably end up just bringing a bunch of CD's (not terribly bad, but that means less space for packing other stuff, since CD's do take a lot more room than the Zune).
Anyways, there's the update on our road trip plans. I probably won't be able to blog for most of the trip (except the first night-when I won't have much to tell about yet). But believe me, when we get back (May 31st), I'll probably have at least 5 posts dedicated to it (I'm thinking one post per site we visit). So, again, brace yourselves! I'm gonna go picture crazy. :)


  1. you should be able to get something to connect your Zune through the radio ... we got ours at target...

  2. I remember one road trip where our car broke down just south of Cordes Junction. That was NOT fun. So good thing you found out about the car now where you have some control over where you're going to take it and what you're going to do while it's begin fixed.

    Hope you're having a blast!

  3. I went to the Taylor Swift concert last week so I got to see her perform it in person. It was one of the best shows I've every been to!!!