Friday, February 6, 2009

My first post!

Well, I could post about how wonderful my new blog is, etc. etc. But I don't feel like that would do my blog justice, because there's not too much I can say about that. Sooo, here's a real post for you!

I've been telling everyone I know about this and the feedback has only been semi-enthusiastic. So maybe this is something only I would be excited about, but I decided to share it anyway. I'm really into finding healthy recipes and healthy foods, and at the base of all that is healthy produce (since I assume that's probably the least-processed of anything I eat). I go for organic-I know, some people say it's just a ripoff, but until I have space for a garden where I can grow my own veggies, I'm going to get the healthiest ones available. I'd like to keep from putting pesticides, antibiotics, and any other gross stuff they spray on those things into my body if I can help it.

Anyway, I think the epitome of healthy, flavorful produce is farmer's markets. They've grown the produce themselves, so there's no middle man. I feel like I can believe what they say, because they're not some giant corporation who has no idea how many hands have touched their product. And it tastes better. Who knew?

Until now, I never really knew about any good farmer's markets in the area, so I settled for the grocery story produce section. But recently, I discovered the Downtown Phoenix Public Market, and let me tell you, I am IN LOVE. They have jams, chocolate sauces, crackers, nuts, eggs, (pita) chips, and veggies galore! They're on the Southeast corner of Central and McKinley (the first street south of Roosevelt), and it's just an open lot where all kinds of vendors (even non-edible ones, like jewelry vendors) set up their booths/tables/etc. There's live entertainment (a guy with a guitar and a sound system, who sits in a folding chair and plays/sings a variety of different types of music) and a book exchange, take one/leave one (for free). They're open Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, but I've only been there Wednesdays, so I'm not sure if anything's different on Saturdays. Anyone who likes some good in-season produce should check it out!


  1. Well Ashley, I will be happy to follow you over to your new blog. and I hope for the best for you. I sure wish my brother would have kept me in the loop. Sorry to hear that things are not working for you two. I do want to check out the farmers market when i come to town, I love that sort of thing. We have one here in kc.


  2. Definitely worth paying a little extra for organic locally grown food. Better that the money goes directly to the farmers right? Fun blog, inspires me to go to the farmer's market in my area more often

  3. Ashley there's also a Farmer's Market up near us around Cactus and the 51. It has some great stuff too although it gets pretty light or disappears in the summer.