Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!

How creepy is it that Friday the 13th (alleged bad luck, horror movies galore-including the one about Jason that came out today by the same name, celebration of bad things happening in general) fell on the day prior to Valentine's Day (love, love, love) this year??? I guess it's inevitable, since obviously Valentine's Day is the 14th, so the day before will always be the 13th, and eventually that would've fallen on a Friday. I feel like I'm talking in circles about this, but it's kind of funny and ironic.
It's also ironic (not quite funny, but I'm sure I'll laugh about it years from now...maybe...) that exactly a year ago tomorrow, I got married to you-know-who. And now, here we are, laying that marriage to rest. RIP. I know. It's kind of weird that I'm talking this openly about it when it's not even final yet (believe me, it'll be final shortly...the court just has waiting periods that are unavoidable, so it's a drawn-out process no matter how you go about doing it). It's strange, you would think, logically, the legal system would want to make it difficult to get married, since too many people (like me, apparently) go into it without being serious enough to stick to the "'til death do us part" part of it, and easy to get divorced, since obviously it's not working out. But it's the opposite! When we decided to get married, we went to the courthouse (with our two witnesses), applied and paid the fee, and did the whole she-bang with the justice of the peace, all in like an hour. And the majority of that was sitting there waiting (come to think of it, I recently went to jury duty for the first time, and that consisted of a lot of waiting, too...I think the entire legal system likes to make people WAIT! It always seems so easy on Law and Order, though...hmm.) Anyways, so that was that, we were married. Now we want to end that, and geez! There's 50 million forms, first of all. In all, you have to make like 4 trips to the courthouse. There's required waiting periods in between steps. Etc., Etc. Don't they realize divorce is going to be hard enough as it is?? Do they really think making it so much more difficult is going to convince a couple to stay together??? I was discussing this with a friend of mine, and I think what she said summed up my feelings well:
"'So what's the secret to a long marriage?' 'Well, I wanted to get a divorce, but there was just so much paperwork!!'"
It's not going to change our minds, you know?

Okay, well I'm done with my rant. In spite of my negativity, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy it :)

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