Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Puppy Pix Post

So I know I'm obsessing a little too much over Friday the 13th (maybe I jinxed myself when I posted Friday??), but I have to blog about what happened. Four things. Four. In one day. I'm not superstitious, but geez...I think I may stay in home all day next Friday the 13th! (me, on Friday, March 13th):

My day, on Friday, consisted of:

1) At work, my friend (who was planning to quit in March) decided she'd had enough and basically quit, on the spot. Of course, this isn't a huge deal to me, since Thursday's my last day...but she was one of only two confidantes I have here (I do have a third, but she's not in customer service so I very rarely see her) that I can rant to about BS we deal with (in our department, gossip spreads like wildfire, so if I talk to anyone else about things, I have the possibility of making it worse for myself).

2) Also at work, someone received a promotion. And to make this really simple, there's 4 levels of superiority here. I'm on the lowest level. The secretary (which doesn't really qualify for a level-basically, below me) was promoted to the next-to-the-highest level, as in, two steps above me. In spite of me leaving, this favoritism and hypocrisy still BUGS ME TO NO END.

3) After work, I went to Ross with Krystina (who I LOVE hanging out with-you rock, Krystina!!!) because she needed to buy some clothes. It was my first day of officially having the car in my name (rather than Russell's), and guess what I did?!? I locked myself out of the car, while it was running!! Luckily, Krystina has AAA, so we called them and she went in to shop while I waited (for 45 min.) for the AAA guy to come let me into my car. I was sooo very happy to see him when he got there :)

4) After getting back into my car, I went into Ross and Krystina wasn't finished, so I started looking around and found a pair of shoes I liked a lot (I hadn't been planning on buying anything, but they were perfect for work and I loved them, which doesn't happen much with shoes). So, I decided to buy them...then came my final catastrophe. I was using a $100 bill that had been given to me by the couple who bought our tan truck. Guess what? It was a fake. Yea. As if my day hadn't been harrowing enough already. So I had a fun visit with the cops (Ross wasn't going to report it, but I asked them to call the police on my behalf so I could get a police report about it). How I looked when the cops got there, to prove my innocence:

They were really nice, though (we got 3 cops and a security guard-we must be VIP criminals!)...they made a lot of jokes and really calmed the mood, since I'd been somewhat freaked out about having tried to use a fake bill to make a purchase. They did tell me, though, that I'm pretty much SOL with that hundred dollars I just lost, unless I can get the people to pay me back for it (which I doubt will happen). Oh, and I don't want to point any fingers or sound insanely racist, but guess what nationality the couple who bought the truck were? If you know AZ at all, I'm sure you'll only need one guess (hint: the husband didn't speak English). And of course, that's going to offend someone, so in advance: I'm sorry.

Krystina and I did have fun after that, we made chocolate-covered strawberries (her for her boyfriend, me for myself), ordered pizza, and watched a movie. Fun fun!

PS-I'm moving to Prescott (Dewey, actually, but nobody knows what I'm talking about when I say that) on Sunday, Feb. 22nd!! Woohoo! How happy I am to move out of Phoenix:

I'll be spoiling the 'bachelor pad' that my dad and brother have worked so hard to set up. Throw a girl in the mix, and it's just ruined. :) (yes, I'm just moving in with my dad and brother, and no, they're not extremely upset about this-maybe they'll get to eat some real meals now!)

And in honor of Valentine's Day:

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  1. Hey Ashley,

    I'm just getting around to reading this and looks like you're moving today. Wow! Quite a lot of change going on in your life right now. I hope we can keep in touch via blogs, etc. I hope things go well for you up there.