Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Back :)

Hopefully I can start posting on a more regular basis now...I have computer access all the time (first time, ever, lol), and I do have extra time on my hands so we'll see if I'm able to keep it up or not.

Since my last post, I've moved to Florida. Pretty much anyone who's reading knows this, but oh well, I'm updating. Jay (my boyfriend of 8 months) and I now live together in Bradenton, FL.

I work for a cute little coffee/sandwich shop as a dishwasher, and I really like it :) I've got a good boss and co-workers, the pay isn't bad, and I'm progressively getting more hours each week, so I can't complain. Jay works for Del Monte, at the port where their ships bring fruit in from South America and it gets loaded onto trucks to be transported inland. He works in their check-in and out office, and likes it pretty well there. We're really happy together, and have just been enjoying our time together, which is still very precious to us after doing the long-distance relationship thing for so long.

We're not pregnant, or engaged, and don't plan to be for a while, so don't ask. Lol.

Other than that, life continues on as usual. There isn't a whole lot else new, but I'll come up with stuff to write about :) Please leave comments to help encourage me along the way!

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  1. SOME of us didn't know that you moved to FL ... make sure you update often! xo